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Название ICORocketX
Дата начала12 апреля, 2021
Дата окончания13 апреля, 2021
1 год назад

Rocket Vault is a one-stop solution to simplify crypto value investing. Its Smart Vault is powered by advanced predictive analytics and machine learning and integrates with leading crypto currency exchanges. Rocket Vault uses advanced Machine Learning to identify tokens with high investment potential for delivering highest APY in stable coins. Users deposit tokens in the Smart Vault, and from there, a fully automated platform takes over. The Vault keeps learning from historic data it gets smarter every passing day leading to more accurate predictions.

FTX has taken a toll on investors playing with their hard-earned cryptocurrencies.

🤔Can you rely on CEX to keep your tokens safe in their custody?

✅Check why crypto savvy’s demanding self-custody of tokens.

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just started using @RocketXexchange dex/cex aggregator. Very nice and easy to use interface. Swaps and cross-chain swaps work really well and fast. If you hold $rvf token you get some nice discounts. Highly recommended and the team is responsive on tg.
$orn, $eth

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#SelfCustody $RVF

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