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Название ICOYoo-Mi
Дата начала30 апреля, 2018
Дата окончания13 мая, 2018
2 лет назад
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Every one of us carries in our pocket a powerful device which tracks vast amount of information about us which we seldom leverage for our benefit – our mobile phone. The Yoo-Mi PHA is here to change that and unleash the power of this data in making our lives better.

By collecting the useful data you have stored in your mobile phone, your Yoo-Mi PHA will conduct an analysis of your unique traits, internal motivators, stressors, resources and other key attributes. It then interprets this information into methods of engagement; deciding how to communicate with you based on what elicits the most effective response. The Yoo-Mi PHA’s comprehensive platform also monitors and evaluates key indicators of your progress. Upload blood test results, weight loss development, nutritional values, fitness progress, blood pressure stats and other key indicators that will enable your Yoo-Mi PHA to push you towards becoming the healthiest version of yourself. Your Yoo-Mi PHA will give you 360° insights into your physical welfare and key information, tips and prompts you need to help you achieve your specific wellness goals.

Your Yoo-Mi PHA leverages deep emotional, behavioral and psychological profiling developed by the company’s team of 10 psychologists to find out exactly what makes you tick and then incentivizes you to make the daily changes you need to be at the peak of your well-being.

A key component of the Yoo-Mi PHA is the incentivization framework. On the Yoo-Mi PHA platform, users are encouraged to complete small but meaningful tasks that contribute towards their wellness goals, and are rewarded for their successful completion through cashback and our new UME tokens. Such tasks can include uploading their insulin test results, taking their nutritional supplements, going a day without smoking, losing weight or cutting out caffeine, amongst many others.

While traditional wellness apps focus on one key component and tend to only reward success through positive feedback, your Yoo-Mi PHA’s intimate knowledge of your internal motivators and real-time tracking of your well-being combined with token rewards makes for a far more effective and comprehensive solution to enhanced well-being.

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