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Название ICOVeri Doc Global
Дата началаTBA
Дата окончанияTBA
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VeriDoc Global is a multinational technology company and provides anti-fraud document verification solutions using blockchain and smart contracts. These solutions ensure that a user is looking at a true and correct document created by the issuer. VeriDoc Global has developed an application to provide fast and cost-effective services with patented digital security and Quick Response (QR) Code technologies.


Blockchain technology uses a decentralised network configuration which makes it extremely difficult to hack. The benefit is total trust in the data. Additionally, blockchain technology is self-patching and self-scaling having no single point of failure. #blockchain

Andre Rennes, Director of VeriDoc Global USA and Brazil speaks with Global News TV about verification solutions and blockchain technology. The interview was recently aired in Taiwan and Silicon Valley.

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The wait is almost over... we can’t wait to announce what we’ve been working on! #blockchaintechnology #blockchainsolution #verification

We make verification simple for everyone, for you and your customers. Our finished solutions can be integrated with your existing systems and databases.

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Did you know that we can help other software applications leverage blockchain technology? Check out our developer tool and begin leveraging blockchain technology today with a Veridoc Global API.

Find out more here:

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