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Название ICOTrias
Дата начала30 апреля, 2019
Дата окончания14 мая, 2019
2 лет назад
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The IAS Machine, born in the 1950s, represents a new height of human intelligence. Its Von Neumann Architecture has also become the cornerstone of contemporary information technology. With the past 60 years’ rapid advancement, especially with the breakthroughs in Cloud Computing, Big Data, IoTs, and AI technologies in last 10 years, IAS will be evolving to its new form: Intelligent Autonomous Systems. The new IAS machine will become an indispensable infrastructure for human society, especially when they are carrying our daily life. Consequently, the crisis in lacking trust to them will seriously affect our society’s stability. Trusting machines will become a new fundamental need for humanity in the near future. Building the Trustworthy and Reliable IAS (TRIAS) will be the ultimate goal of project Trias.

🎉To celebrate TRIAS selected in the KuCoin Plus Trading Area, come to share Trias LV1 NFTs airdrop from 23th to 30th:

✅ Follow @triaslab
✅ RT this tweet tag 3 friends
✅ Join
✅ Fill out the form👇🏻


📣Trias NFT liquidity mining is coming!

Come and dig NFTs in TriasureLand, surprise will find you.

⏰Time: 30 days from 10:00, June 24th, UTC
💰Reward: 10,000 TRIAS

Start mining:

Check the rules:

👉Check this #Trias_Weekly_Report from Trias team. You can see community & technical developments of #Trias #Trias_Grant @BinanceChain

🔈TriasureLand is open:

✅ 10 Hunters NFTs
✅ 20 Wisdom NFTs
✅ 28 Contribution NFTs
have been sent to Triasurers participating in Trias Grants for the contributions.

Dig and keep NFTs by supporting Trias, and you will be surprised in the coming NFT events.🤩

Grant#1 Progress Updates

Last week, the first part of the academic report of Trias Grant#1 Quadratic Voting initiated by DAOeco, has been published.

Following is the second part👇🏻:

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