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Название ICOThe Abyss (DAICO)
Дата начала18 апреля, 2018
Дата окончания16 мая, 2018
2 лет назад

The Abyss as a Next-Generation Platform

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#TheAbyss gaming platform update 1.49.0 is now online! In this release we added search functionality, pop-up notifications settings and other improvements and updates!

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Another exciting game is now ready to satisfy your gamer needs on #TheAbyss gaming platform. Please welcome @Despotism_3k from the talented team of Konfa Games!

Grab this addicting game before March 15 and save 60%!

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Today #TheAbyss team releases #EBOLA2 from @IndiGameStudio which is created in the spirit of the great classics of #survival horrors. Feel like you’re in a real horror movie with this first-person game!

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Another milestone achieved! 50 games on #TheAbyss gaming platform and more are coming! Steady course to the first hundred!

A small but certainly important #milestone: a few days ago, #TheAbyss gaming platform surpassed the amount of 1000 active online players. All the best is yet to come!

#Gaming #PCGaming

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Цена0.11 USD Продажа362,250,000 Способ оплатыETH, BNB
Минимальная инвестиция0.2 ETH Распределение40% Собрано$15,362,418
Софт-кап6,000,000 USD Хард-кап18,000,000 USD
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