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СимволSYN token
Дата начала02 декабря, 2019
Дата окончания10 декабря, 2019
1 год назад
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The cost for power generation can be greatly reduced and smart grid resilience can be improved with the electric vehicle (EV) charging scheme. However, it must also be borne in mind that with the intrusion of a huge number of EVs, voltage stability and operating costs will also have an impact.

SYN Ledger’s objectives, in this case, are to mitigate power fluctuation levels in the grid network and the overall charging cost for EV users. We will do this by first formulating the problem of power fluctuation levels in the smart grid system. This will take into account the capacity of EV batteries, charging rates, and charging behaviours of EV users.

Most importantly, we bring forth a proposal for a novel adaptive blockchain-based electric vehicle participation scheme that can assist in obtaining an improved EV charging and discharging schedule.

Founder & CEO
Development Director
Financial and Account Head

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Цена0.1000 USD Продажа17,000,000 Способ оплатыETH, BTC, Fiat
Минимальная инвестиция10 USD Распределение80% СобраноN/A
Софт-капN/A Хард-капN/A
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