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Название ICOStartFi
Дата начала31 мая, 2021
Дата окончания--
Время окончания

StartFi is a brand new platform tailored mainly for NFT markets. StartFi offers to empower NFT creators, buyers, and sellers a safe and sound opportunity to own and participate in the ever-changing dynamic NFT markets.

StartFi is an Ethereum-Powered, fully decentralized NFT (non-fungible token) platform that enables NFT creators to create unique digital assets and sell them through Initial NFT Offerings (INOs). As a content creator, you can mint unique NFTs for assets like digital art, music, videos, etc.

NFT holders can promote their favorite artists, organize or participate in fan get-togethers and engage like-minded individuals in other creative activities. In return, you will receive rewards and revenue shares in the form of the platform’s native token, STFI.
It’s beyond the buying/selling NFT, with MCNs support, Creators incubation and Digital Copyrights Management using NFT.


Get ready for @WarpBond #ido 🚀

📆 15th November 2022, 12pm UTC🔥

Access: Fcfs
IDO Price:$0.01
Listing price:$0.02
Vesting:25% unlocked at TGE+ 75% linear vesting over 5 months
For More details@

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Captains! Get ready for our IDO launch on @StartFinance on 15th Nov.

Stand a chance to win 2 x custom branded Starship by joining the campaign below. Ends: 11th Nov
- Each Starship is worth $250 and earns you $WARP credits daily!


#P2E #GameFi

In the spirit of transparency, might as well share the actual note, sent to all Binance team globally a few hours ago.

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