Star Atlas DAO (POLIS) Организационная структура и финансовая информация об ICO

Подробно об ICO

Название ICOStar Atlas DAO
Дата начала25 августа, 2021
Дата окончания26 августа, 2021
1 год назад

To learn more about this project, check out our deep dive of [Star Atlas](

Star Atlas is a next-gen gaming metaverse emerging from the confluence of state of the art blockchain, real-time graphics, multiplayer video game, and decentralized financial technologies.

Real-time graphics technology using Unreal Engine 5’s Nanite allows for cinematic quality video game visuals. Blockchain technology using the Solana protocol established a largely serverless and secured gameplay experience. Non-fungible tokens obtained and traded within Star Atlas creates an economy that replicates the tangibility of real world assets and ownership.

Self-Reported TagsVR/ARCollectibles & NFTsDeFiGamingEntertainmentDAOGovernanceSolana EcosystemMetaversePlay To Earn
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