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Название ICORxEAL
Дата начала12 марта, 2018
Дата окончания11 мая, 2018
2 лет назад
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RxEAL is a platform for trustless and safe security deposit storage on the Ethereum blockchain. It provides decentralized dispute resolution with the main focus on real estate and automotive rental markets valued at hundreds of billions USD combined. RxEAL will also be available for other industries that demand trustless fund storage and fair dispute resolution.

Within the RxEAL platform users are able to generate smart contracts based on terms both parties have agreed on. The contract will ensure that the deposit amount is stored securely on the Ethereum blockchain throughout the course of the agreement with no no possibility of unilaterally changing the contract terms or accessing the funds. In the event of a dispute regarding the final division of the deposit, our platform will provide a decentralized and independent arbitrage conducted by qualified members who earn RXL tokens for resolving the dispute.

Tax & Legal Advisor
Business Development Advisor
Economic Development & Real Estate Advisor In US

We're proud to announce that @rxealofficial has been acquired by @CoinJanitor . For more info please see the official announcement #JoinTheJanitor https://www.coinjanitor.io/news/coinjanitor-acquires-rxeal-its-first-erc20-buyout/

Read our first update of the year. We talk about challenges, changes and new opportunities. #RXL #RxEAL https://medium.com/rxeal/kicking-off-year-2019-with-a-plan-65d1211c33ce

Today we are taking a big step towards the service launch and presenting our new website. https://rxeal.com
Visit, browse and provide your feedback directly to the team in our Telegram channel: http://t.me/rxealofficial

It’s difficult to find the right house, but when you find one it will be easy to move in. @rxealofficial has made security deposits an investment, solved trust issues and simplified interest for both the parties. We have opened doors to invest in #RxEAL on @Nebula_Exchange.

The long awaited token listing is scheduled for Monday, August 20th. Read full details here:

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Цена0.59 USD Продажа53,760,000 Способ оплатыETH
Минимальная инвестицияN/A Распределение56% Собрано$279,180
Софт-кап300 ETH Хард-кап35,575 ETH
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