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Название ICOPolymath
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A form of blockchain fundraising called an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) has existed since July 2013. Over the last two years, the ICO model has been used by hundreds of organizations to raise more than $3 billion USD. Government agencies are now analyzing the securities implications of this non-traditional form of financing, with potential consequences for ICOs that violate securities laws.

Chief Events Officer

Our fourth Polymesh ITN challenge is here! 

This week’s challenge explores offering assets to investors via a security token offering. 

Don’t miss the chance to earn even more points and head to our blog to learn more about this week’s challenges!

Institutions must protect the #private and #financial information of their clients to comply with #privacy requirements and safeguard their financial interests.

Learn more about Confidentiality on Polymesh here: https://hubs.la/H0QBnxf0

#blockchain #fintech

Two weeks ago, we joined leading securities services like @BNYMellon, @BNPP2S, and @dbsbank at @globalcustodian’s #LeadersinCustody Week 2021.

Catch our presentation of an Innovation Award for the #Polymesh blockchain here:


What do #WealthTech firms need to consider when onboarding #digitalassets?

Our CPO @thomas_borrel spoke to @FinTech_Global about the opportunities and challenges of #blockchain for wealth management firms and asset managers: https://hubs.la/H0QJyM00


Most #blockchains are intended for use by individuals and don’t offer deeper institutional user safeguards. Numerous mechanisms have been built into the core of Polymesh to help minimize external threats and maintain internal divisions of responsibility.


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