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Название ICOO3 Swap
Дата начала13 мая, 2021
Дата окончания13 мая, 2021
1 год назад

## What is O3 Swap?

O3 Swap is the first cross-chain aggregation protocol that enables free trading of native assets between heterogeneous chains, by deploying "aggregator + asset cross-chain pool" on different public chains and Layer2, provides users to enable cross-chain transactions with one click. Currently, it has access to Heco, ETH, BSC, Neo, and will expand to Polkadot, Polygon, Solana, and other ecosystems in the future.

##What qualities / benefits does O3 Swap have?

1\. Permissionless: In any environment, anyone can access O3 Swap without permission and KYC review.

2\. Implement a cross-chain exchange:

We implement proven and possible cross-chain solutions with our aggregation protocol. With this, we can achieve cross-chain transactions where users are able to freely exchange multi-chain assets with a single click.

3\. Offer the best price:

In order to provide more efficient and simple trading, we compare different exchanges on the leading chains to find the most cost-effective rates. Users can exchange assets at the lowest rate and via the most efficient trading route.

4\. Token incentives:

To promote a high level of activity for our network ecology, O3 Swap will issue a governance token. It is an important mediator to promote the development of the O3 Swap network. Based on the economic model of O3 Swap, all participants and developers are encouraged to invest in the maintenance of the overall ecological network.

##The O3 token can be acquired in the following three ways:

1\. Through early participation in product testing and community contributions.

2\. As trade mining rewards for using O3 Swap.

3\. By providing liquidity to cross-chain pools.

##What is the background of the O3Labs team?

The O3 Labs was established in Tokyo in 2017 and is one of the early crypto wallet development teams in Neo ecosystem. At present, our team members are from Tokyo, New York, Singapore, and Taipei. O3 Labs has been focusing on providing professional crypto asset management tools and services. Currently, we have provided wallet services for 100,000+ users.

##How does O3 Swap work? What are the modules?

The main functional modules of O3 Swap include the exchange aggregator (O3 Aggregator), cross-chain pool (Pool), and asset management center (Dashboard). O3 Aggregators help users find the most effective trading rates and routes in the corresponding network. Pool provides users with cross-chain transaction services and supports users to add liquidity by a single token from different chains to earn income from cross-chain transaction fees and O3 rewards. Dashboard supports users logging in through their own wallet to manage assets and data. The Dashboard displays: total amount of assets, claimable assets, added liquidity, stake, and revenue management.

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Swapping across chains⛓️to a new wallet address can be a painstaking process! O3 Swap's got your back as @mattjpowers7 shows you how to swap across chains to a different asset, chain and wallet address all in ONE swap!

🪙A penny for your thoughts? Scratch that, O3 Labs is rewarding up to 💸$150 for you to post your original ideas on our Discord forum! The first one to post will be rewarded 💵$50 and engagements will also be rewarded up to $100!🤑

Details 👉

(1/3) In the abstract: O3 Swap’s aggregating capability means that token X on blockchain A can be traded for token Y on blockchain B, even if token X doesn’t exist or doesn’t have a deep liquidity pool on blockchain B.

🟣It is official -

O3ers will be able to swap their tokens between @zksync and any EVM compatible chains on #O3Swap in the near future!

Like this post if you're excited about our new #crosschain future with zkSync! #jointhemission

Our latest Medium article tells the story📚of O3 Swap's beginnings as a DEX aggregator on #Ethereum where O3 Labs aggregates from #DeFi titans like Uniswap, Curve, and Sushiswap on a mission to unite fragmented liquidity sources. Read it below! 👇

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IEO Ended
Название ICOO3 Swap
Дата начала13 мая, 2021
Дата окончания13 мая, 2021

IEO Ended
Название ICOO3 Swap
Дата начала13 мая, 2021
Дата окончания14 мая, 2021

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