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Название ICONative
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The Native platform provides the fundamental structure for valuing and operating Communities through their own unique tokens. It includes a set of decision-making tools and provides templates to suit a variety of Communities to ensure that even those with limited economic and technical knowledge can participate in emerging financial ecosystems. Communities are the building blocks of Native. Any local or digital collective that gathers around a common interest or mission can create a Community on Native. There are three core benefits to starting a Community:

Project Management

I am verifying my ownership of Native on Gitcoin Grants at 🔥⚡🎊🥂⚡🎊

Very excited for the next Decentralize Colorado Lightning talks on 3/12, 7pm MTN. The speaker line up is excellent. Join us. Send a DM so we can connect. 🙏 @cryptoquick @catchyouri @JakeVartanian @joinNative Trevor Wessel @EOSDenver @GrabowskiDylan

Wow, this looks great in Boulder tonight. Looking forward to it @proofoftom @michaelgreen06 @AragonProject #Moloch @ameensol #Boulder #Blockchain #colorado #cryptocurrency

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