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Название ICOMultiversePad
Дата начала19 апреля, 2022
Дата окончания22 апреля, 2022
ПлатформаBNB Smart Chain (BEP20)
9 месяцев назад

##What Is MultiversePad?

A Multichain & Cross-Chain Decentralized All-In-One Platform To Include AMM, Farming, Lending, Launchpad, NFT, and More.

The MTVP token is the native asset of the MultiversePad project. It exists primarily as a BEP-20 token on the Binance Blockchain for now, but will be introduced on the Polygon blockchain soon. It is required for:

* Transactional activity on the network

* As a staking collateral

* For staking rewards

* For participation in the Launchpad IDOs

* Base asset for cross-chain swaps

* For lending and prediction purposes MultiversePad platform modules include:

* MultiversePad Farming - a unique deflationary farming, which doesn't rely on inflation to reward stakers, but rather takes parts of every transaction as a deposit for the staking rewards pools. A certain part of every transaction is burned too.

* MultiversePad Launchpad - an Initial Decentralized Offering (IDO) platform, designed to incubate promising projects and to allow MTVP holders to participate in early stage investment opportunities and with a guaranteed allocation.

* Multichain & Cross-Chain universe
Supported Ethereum, BSC, Harmony, Polygon, Solana.

* Deflationary mechanism
0.45% amount for farmer rewards and 0.05% will be burned.

* Launchpad participation
Fair-tiered System.

* Guaranteed allocation for all tiers.

##How Many MTVP Tokens Are There In Circulation?
The total supply of MTVP tokens is 200,000,000 (200M tokens). Around 11,500,000 (11.5M) MTVP tokens will be in circulation. Since the token is deflationary in nature and a tiny part of each transaction is burned, the total supply decreases over time.

Token Allocation :

* 5% Public Sale
* 15% Team & Advisor
* 20% Seed & Private Sale
* 55% Marketing,Staking, Airdrop & Ecosystem
* 5% Liquidity

Unlock Schedule :

* Public Sale : 25% at listing then unlocked 6% each week
* Seed : 15% at listing, then unlocked 4% each week
* Private : 20% at listing, then unlocked 5% each week
* Team : Locked for 6 months, then unlocked 10% quarterly
* Advisor : Locked for 3months, then unlocked 10% quarterly
* Ecosystem : 0% at listing, then unlocked 5% month.
* Marketing : 0% at listing, then unlocked 5% each 2 week
* Staking & Airdrop : 5% at listing, then 5% unlocked each week
* Liquidity : 100% locked for one year

##Who Are the Founders of MultiversePad?
MultiversePad is run by a largely anonymous team, which comes from different cultures and from multiple areas of expertise. However, most team members have worked in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry for a long time.

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Private Sale Ended
Название ICOMultiversePad
Дата начала15 апреля, 2022
Дата окончания16 апреля, 2022

IDO Ended
Название ICOMultiversePad
Дата начала16 февраля, 2022
Дата окончания17 февраля, 2022

IDO Ended
Название ICOMultiversePad
Дата начала21 марта, 2022
Дата окончания22 марта, 2022

Private Sale Ended
Название ICOMultiversePad
Дата начала05 апреля, 2022
Дата окончания06 апреля, 2022

IDO Ended
Название ICOMultiversePad
Дата начала26 апреля, 2022
Дата окончания27 апреля, 2022

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