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Moveco’s vision is to drive a safer, smarter, more efficient, and more affordable mobility future
Earn as You Move!

Lessen the financial burden of car ownership. Get rewarded for the miles you drive while helping
build a future of safer & smarter mobility.

The Future of Mobility

The future of mobility in cities is multimodal and integrated with a focus on people, instead of on
vehicles like it is today. Be it car manufacturers or new mobility companies, everyone is racing
towards the future where the vehicle of tomorrow is believed to be electric, autonomous and

With the greater focus on shared mobility, car autonomy, electrification, and vehicle
connectivity, the amount of car generated data will grow exponentially. Car generated data is the
key to making the future of mobility safer and more convenient, it is also an important factor to
building new mobility services that would save consumers both time and money.

Car generated data is forecasted to become a $450 to $750 billion dollar business by 2030,
according to McKinsey & Co.'s "Monetizing Car Data" report. Data brokerage firms and
automotive OEMs around the world are looking for ways to collect & monetize your data. Some
of these firms sell consumers' car generated data to third parties such as insurance companies,
fleet management companies, and car manufacturers.

Google currently uses your personal data to attract advertisers. Take control and
be rewarded for your data.

Moveco believes car generated data is important to drive the future of mobility. We however, also
believe that consumers should be rewarded for the data shared. At Moveco, we look to:

1. Drive the connected car revolution Gather car generated data to fuel the future of
mobility. From using a simple mobile app to installing a non-invasive plug and play device into
the consumer's car, Moveco looks to gather and provide insights from mobility data in order to
build a safer, smarter, more convenient, and more efficient future in mobility.

2. Reward consumers for mobility data shared. Build a mobility ecosystem and loyalty
program where consumers can earn MOV tokens and redeem benefits.

Consumers will earn MOV tokens depending on the quality and quantity of mobility data shared.

This could potentially lessen the financial burden of car ownership while allowing consumers to
contribute to building a more personalized mobility future. Moveco is working with partners
such as Cove to build a Moveco redemption platform where MOV tokens can be used. Cove,
a car sharing company invested by InMotion Ventures, currently uses Moveco’s technology to
gather car generated data. The Land Rover, INFINITI & Nissan fleet on Cove will be part of
Moveco's redemption platform.

CEO & Co-founder
CTO & Co-founder

At #Moveco, we look to continue to be part of the vital conversation of Hong Kong’s journey to being a smart city and more importantly look forward to contributing to the growth. Read more in our medium here.

#Moveco2018 #Smartcities #Mobility

What is the future of connected cars in China? Many car OEMs are making alteration to the vehicles accordingly to fit in with the demands of Chinese customers. Find out more in our medium post here.
#Moveco2018 #Connectedcars

In light of the emerging trend of connected cars, different OEMs in the automotive sector come up with various plans on developing connected car data related technologies. Learn more about it in our medium post here.

We are happy to see Pictet holding such a stimulating event, which allowing us to learn from others and exchange experiences with each other. Take a sneak peek here!

Sharing car generated data will not only benefit the cities but also yourself. #Moveco provides a platform for you to monetize your mobility data while bringing a smarter city into existence. Learn more about it here.
#Moveco2018 #Smartcity #mobilitydata

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Софт-кап5,000,000 USD Хард-кап20,000,000 USD
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