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Название ICOHilo.io
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Дата окончанияTBA
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By nature, decentralized technologies such as those enabled by the blockchain connect people from around the world, yet this connection has yet to be made social. The world currently lacks a single, consolidated place for people to gather, discuss, and process crypto-asset information. The Tela Network Foundation aims to create Hilo, a community that socially aggregates crypto-asset knowledge. Accessible to anyone interested in cryptocurrency investment, from beginners to experts to influencers, Hilo is a social network that fosters positive peer engagement, trusted peer discussion, and expert mentorship.

CEO & Founder

This week on @meetthedrapers , we welcome back my daughter @jessedraper to the show, along with Punia from Draper Associates and @sanjaynath from Blume Ventures! Then, I speak to @monicapuchner about her cryptocurrency social network, @hilocrypto .... https://youtu.be/3YWX7XK7cEQ

🌟Feature Showcase - Watchlist 🌟

Use the Hilo Watchlist to keep tabs on your favorite coins. You can quickly glance at how your coins are doing while browsing other coins, users, and activity on the platform.

The Beta is open: https://buff.ly/2xDHl3R

🏆 Earn Hilo 🏆

Earn Hilo by completing challenges located on your profile. Challenges will be updated as new features are implemented. See you on Hilo 🤙

Join: http://app.hilo.io

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🌟Feature Showcase - Signal 🌟

Make a signal (buy, sell, hodl) with each of your comments to track your speculation accuracy over time, in addition to helping your followers understand your views of a particular coin.

The Beta is open: https://buff.ly/2EqVoyK

🗣️ Hilo Activity 🗣️

What coins are you talking about? #BTC #ETH #ETN

Checkout what others are saying on Hilo: http://app.hilo.io

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