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Название ICOGunstar Metaverse
Дата начала25 ноября, 2021
Дата окончания25 ноября, 2021
ПлатформаBinance Smart Chain (BEP20)
7 месяцев назад

# **What Is Gunstar Metaverse?**

Gunstar Metaverse is a massively multiplayer online role-playing (RPG) and turn-based strategy NFT Game that gives you the real value of enjoyment and excitement in gaming and the real value provided through the blockchain platform.

Gunstar Metaverse is a cyber-prone game for professional gamers or any kinds of users to test their skills and corporate with their correspondents in an attempt to create the “ultimate-high” shoot, or even have the golden opportunities to engage in so-called whirlwind intellectual games to gain unforgettable victory.

Gunstar Metaverse and Fantasy StarWorld will also imbue players with the experience of reality-based adventures, something that goes beyond what a mere tactic game usually offers. Enthusiasm, thrilling anticipation while playing are core to allure customers’ interest.

# **What is $GST token?**

$GST is the native utility token that is built on Binance Smart Chain. $GST token can be used for: Staking, Governance, Exchange NFT Pet, Borrow Pet in Marketplace, Buying/Selling NFT House

# **How Many $GST tokens Are There in Circulation?**

Gunstar Metaverse ($GST) tokens have a total supply of 400 million tokens. Out of this, 4.978% will be circulating at TGE while the remaining tokens are subjected to a vesting schedule. Please visit Gunstar Metaverse's Website for more detail about token allocation and vesting schedule.

# **Who Are the Founders of Gunstar Metaverse?**

Mr Hoang Hiep - CEO & Founder and his talented colleagues created the Gunstar Metaverse game.

The project’s Founder team, you can review it here:

The project’s Development team, you can review it here:

# **Where Can I Buy Gunstar Metaverse ($GST)?**

After the IGO event on GameFi and the IDO event on Red Kite of Gunstar Metaverse closing. Gunstar Metaverse token ($GST) will be listed on PancakeSwap and will soon be able to trade on top exchanges.

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IDO Ended
Название ICOGunstar Metaverse
Дата начала24 ноября, 2021
Дата окончания24 ноября, 2021

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