Genshiro (GENS) Организационная структура и финансовая информация об ICO

Подробно об ICO

Название ICOGenshiro
Дата начала15 июня, 2021
Дата окончания31 июля, 2021
ПлатформаBinance Smart Chain (BEP20)
1 год назад

## What is Genshiro (GENS)?

Genshiro is Equilibrium's DeFi one-stop shop on Kusama that can do all things that existing DeFi primitives do, but with less risk and cross-chain.

GENS is the native utility token that is used as:

- a reward for validators/collators running blockchain nodes and performing parallel work.

- a means to pay transaction/interest fees

- a means to pay transaction/interest fees

bailout and collateral liquidity in Kusama-based liquidity pools (when the tokens obtain value)

- a governance token

## How Many GENS Coins Are There in Circulation?

The total GENS supply on Kusama is 1.2 billion tokens. Let's see allocations below:

45% Lockdrop to EQ holders 

5% EQ staking bonus (additional rewards for those who participated in a


15% Liquidity farming

20% Kusama IPO rewards

15% Treasury (cover extreme losses in case of "Black Swan" events)

Don't hesitate to check our GENS tokenomics:

### Who Are the Founders of Genshiro?

Since Genshiro is a canary network of Equilibrium, the founder and CEO is Alex Melikhov. Alex is an engineer in applied mathematics by training. Before blockchain, he was working on fintech projects.

The current team has been working together since 2017 building on Ethereum back in the day. In 2018, the team kicked off the development on EOS. In April 2019 the team launched the first decentralized EOS-based stablecoin as the first product of the Equilibrium's product line, called EOSDT. Today EOSDT is the most liquid decentralized stablecoin and the biggest DeFi project on EOS, with over $14 million of total value locked in our smart contracts, and over 1,000 user positions generated.

Now the team is developing on Polkadot and Kusama to obtain true cross-chain interoperability and to turn Equilibrium and Genshiro into a full-fledged DeFi one-stop-shop.

### Where Can I Buy GENS?

GENS is available for trading on a growing number of exchanges:

[Kucoin] (

[HotBit] (

[BKEX] (

🚨 Genshirians, our Money Market and History are currently being updated.

You may see incorrect data on the Money Market, and some events may not be reflected in History.

We're doing our best to finish the technical maintenance as soon as possible 💪

🚨 Genshirians, as we're getting ready for the parachain renewal, our KSM bridge is currently under maintenance.

The XCM KSM transfers and KSM withdrawals will be temporarily unavailable until we launch the new parachain.


❗️ KSM bridge is currently under maintenance. Deposits & withdrawals will be temporarily unavailable.

🛠 Start: October 31, 8 am UTC

The launch time will be announced additionally.

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