Galactic Arena: The NFTverse (GAN) Организационная структура и финансовая информация об ICO

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Название ICOGalactic Arena: The NFTverse
Дата начала31 октября, 2021
Дата окончания01 ноября, 2021
ПлатформаBinance Smart Chain (BEP20)
1 год назад

THE GALACTIC ARENA. This is the battlefield that everyone has been waiting for! It doesn't matter where your NFT comes from, In this NFTverse, you can bring your favorite heroes along with you! Take part in THE CARNIVAL, then make wagers on PvP battles in REAL TIME! Prizes include BNB, BUSD, GAN! Get on top of the Leaderboard and earn extra rewards!

Self-Reported TagsGamingBinance Smart Chain EcosystemPlay To Earn
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