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By applying blockchain technology and AI to their existing model of outsourced software development, ( has created an ecosystem that removes development from the ‘black box’ and puts it onto an assembly line. The drag and drop UI and AI-powered Project Builder allows anyone to realize their idea, while the component library reduces redundancies in development as existing code is automatically paired to projects. The NAYA Token then allows contributor payments to be escrowed until deliverables have been met and verified by an independent source. To ensure the longevity of all projects, AI-powered CloudOps reduce ongoing costs and remove the need for an in-house development team to maintain the project will become the ecosystem for a new approach to software development. Businesses of any size will be able to create and own custom software without risking over-budget projects or unexpected failures. Delivery stakeholders will receive clearly defined project briefs and development plans at the atomic unit. AI and machine learning will optimize production and maintain functionality at a lower cost and without the need for a full-time development team. This creates a lower barrier to entry for the large and growing market of non-coders that have software requirements. Outsourcing development will be made easier, more acces-sible, cheaper, and simpler to maintain, and becomes a viable option for more and more businesses with digital requirements.

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These processors will target extremely demanding workloads such as professional content creation, 8K and CGI video workflows, large-scale data visualization, fluid dynamics, engineering, and artificial intelligence.


Thoughts on the Future of Artificial Intelligence

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IntelliShare+Artificial Intelligence Realizes Value Sublimation

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World’s largest supercomputer can do 200 quadrillion actions per sec and operates like a human brain #AI #Artificialintelligence via @julez_norton

AVEVA, a worldwide innovator in industrial #software and engineering, has declared the launch of the AVEVA™ Insight OMI application, a first in the business to mix real-time #ArtificialIntelligence into an administrator's decision-making

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Софт-кап3,000,000 USD Хард-кап20,000,000 USD
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