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Название ICOCitiOS
Дата начала13 ноября, 2019
Дата окончания22 ноября, 2019
1 год назад
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Blockchain technology has come to the aid of very many things. Every blockchain project is launched with the aim of solving a certain problem in the community. Actually, the world is rapidly adopting the use of blockchain technology and in the coming years, we could see blockchain in almost everything that we come across.

World economies and cities are now competing to use blockchain technology in making the lives of their citizens and residents respectively, more comfortable.

In line with trying to make the lives of people better, CitiOS aligns with the next paradigm transformation of the traditional cities into smart cities where the Internet of Things (IoT) devices are autonomous and able to best respond to scenarios in real time with little or no human input. Imagine of cities where everything runs smoothly without depending on the unreliable human effort.

A human can forget or at times delay in executing a certain task. But with an autonomous system in place, there will never be delays or forgetting or wring executions. The systems work according to how it is programmed. And that is what CitiOS’ mission is.

To match this inevitable paradigm, CitiOS offers a system of IoT devices which is integrated with blockchain, MESH network, and a decentralized service platform. In such a system, the execution of tasks, and payments will be done in seconds. Also, it will be possible to collect and analyze data.


In the past few days, market has entered a big dropped off. CitiOS is at $2.86 which means it's the best time to buy!! We are listed in these 4 exchanges:


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#CitiOS #IoT #Blockchain

IOT enables businesses and people to tap into technology. It gives them the efficiency they require in their operations since it brings on board some degree of automation.

Check us out in CoinMarketCap

#CitiOS #IoT #Blockchain

Our World is facing a lot of environmental and energy- related issues. Most affected countries are struggling with meeting the UN Sustainable development goals.

CitiOS is here to address this! With the use of IoT and Blockchain Techonology, We can eliminate these issues!

The CitiOS project is itself a technology marvel and combining it with such a great artificial intelligence network means only the sky can be its limit.

R2R is also listed in CoinMarketCap

#CitiOS #IoT #Blockchain

CitiOS aligns with the next paradigm shift for smart cities where IoT devices are
autonomous and able to best respond to scenarios in real time.

Check the price of CitiOS R2R on CoinMarketCap for update.📈

CitiOS will lead the way!

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Цена0.4000 USD ПродажаN/A Способ оплатыUSD, ETH, BTC
Минимальная инвестицияN/A Распределение50: СобраноN/A
Софт-кап30,000,000 USD Хард-кап180,000,000 USD
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