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Название ICOBattle of Guardians
Дата начала03 января, 2022
Дата окончания07 января, 2022
5 месяцев назад

Battle of Guardians is a real-time multiplayer NFT fighting game developed in Unreal Engine and built on the Solana Network.

Whoa! What do we have here? 😍🔥

Bear with us and wait for another #BOG fun and exciting event, designed for every #FIGHTERS out there. Stay tuned!🥊🥊

The wise one, Gir, is showing his multiple combos on the combat as he crushed Nix through his speedy attack. He creates multiple effective fights to take down the big enemy🥊

Watch out for more #BOG special skills revealed soon! 😍🔥

So, how was the #BOG Alpha Testnet?🥊

We sure hope all of our #FIGHTERS have a pleasant time playing it out, but do let us know if you encounter any bug or trouble with the demo!

Share your feedback here for BOG better game development in the future!👇🏻👇🏻

Good day #FIGHTERS!

Have everyone here tries #BOG Testnet Game? If you haven't, check out the tutorial for BOG Alpha Release here 👉🏻

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IDO Ended
Название ICOBattle of Guardians
Дата начала04 января, 2022
Дата окончания04 января, 2022

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