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Название ICOArbitao
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Дата окончанияTBA
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The last years were extremely exciting and profitable for the crypto community and the ecosystem around the cryptocurrency markets is maturing slowly but surely. Nevertheless, the nascent cryptocurrency markets are still plagued by fundamental problems like a lack of regulation, security issues and manipulation. Consequently, the markets are in consolidation mode after the crypto craze of late 2017 pushed Bitcoin prices to almost $20,000 and though it is way harder to achieve profits in this situation a lot of traders are turning to arbitrage strategies because they are working in every market environment and are virtually risk free.

The cryptocurrency markets are the perfect playing field for arbitrage traders because low liquidity in some markets or trading pairs is creating drastic volatility that results in enormous price spreads. But due to the fragmented nature and inefficiency of these markets in terms of execution even arbitrage traders face some vital challenges like various registrations and account setups, automated access, execution speed, security and liquidity on lots of exchanges.

Arbitao was established by a community of market experts, traders and developers who decided to join forces and pool their resources in order to overcome all these challenges.

With our arbitrage platform, any kind of investor can trade and profit – including smaller ones. Through trading pools, investments can start at US$100.

By keeping your assets in our exchange, you can trade them at very low fees and make instant transactions to your arbitrage trading dashboard with extra security.

1. Choose a password which is not personally related to you.
2. Log in only from your personal computer.
3. Log out after using our platform.
4. Don’t write your password anywhere.
5. Don’t respond to e-mails requesting personal data.

This is how our arbitrage platform works:

1. Spot arbitrage opportunity.
2. Execute trades automatically.
3. Distribute profits.
4. Raise liquidity.
5. Grow network.
6. Reduce market volatility.

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