Apron Network (APN) Организационная структура и финансовая информация об ICO

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Название ICOApron Network
Дата начала14 апреля, 2021
Дата окончания21 апреля, 2021
StageStaking Mining
1 год назад

Apron Network is committed to building a decentralized infrastructure service network for DApp developers, DApp users and infrastructure operators based on a decentralized network of blockchain technology. We'll provide Kusama and Polkadot ecosystem with multiple services, including but not limited to node service, on-chain data indexing service, price feed service, etc.

Apron Network Technical Report
✅Design and develop SDK for integrating the data required for socket connection
✅Investigating other smart contract frameworks, currently trying to port contracts to Gear
✅Test and develop the function of forwarding tcp at Gateway

Apron Network Technical Report
✅Discuss and determine the way tcp supports integration, and determine the development plan after the prototype system test is passed
✅ Test the existing system's support for ssl link forwarding

Apron Network Technical Report
✅Complete the test of contract code compatibility
✅Complete compatibility testing of existing Gateway code
✅Completed the feasibility study and technology selection of tcp traffic forwarding, we are conducting prototype development and testing

Apron Network Technical Report 🔎

✅Compatibility problems were found when running the contract, the code has been updated and is being tested
✅Update the gateway code to match the changes in the contract, in testing

Apron Network Technical Report 🔎
✅Upgraded Apron-node to solve the problem that the front-end interface and node version do not match
✅Deploy the front-end interface code to complete the verification of some functions of the contract

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