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Дата начала27 мая, 2018
Дата окончания10 июня, 2018
3 лет назад
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For small and medium sized entities (SMEs), there is nothing as difficult and nerve-racking  as waiting for clients to pay their invoices. While businesses in mature markets have  access to various financing options, such as bank credit lines or invoice factoring, businesses in emerging markets only have few alternatives to bridging short-term credit  gaps: defer payments to employees or taking out loans at excessive rates. In Southeast  Asia alone, there are over 70,000,000 SMEs and yet most banks offer financing services exclusively to their largest corporate clients. Acudeen picks up what these banks left  behind by offering a decentralized marketplace for SMEs to liquidate movable assets,  such as invoices and short-term cashflow needs, without putting their entire business on  the line.

Acudeen started off in 2016 and has since then helped micro, small and medium-sized  entities (MSMEs) to finance their 30-120 day receivables ahead of time. In less than two  years, invoices totaling over US $2.4m has changed ownership and provided liquidity to  over 400 MSMEs. Individuals and corporates purchasing those invoices benefited from  attractive returns for short-term cash. The early success and its economic impact in  emerging markets has been recognized with numerous rewards, incl. being named Winner  of the Global Seedstars Summit 2017. With recent market entry into Myanmar, Acudeen
embarked on an ambitious expansion plan and will operate in four markets before the end  of the year.

Acudeen was inspired by its founder’s personal experience running a medium-sized  business and the frustrating process to survive as an entrepreneur due to the poor payment  behavior of its clients. This translated into the vision of building a leading marketplace for  SMEs to turn movable assets into cash in a matter of 3-5 days when needed. Leveraging  blockchain technology, the existing platform, which focuses on invoices, will be expanded  to other movable assets, such as cars, warehouse receipts, etc.

As distributed technologies and sharing economies collide, we see a revolutionary  opportunity to redefine movable assets by reducing their ‘time-to-cash’ to seconds,  eventually making it as liquid as cash itself. In order to expand this ecosystem of trusted  parties and standardize the units to pay for various services, Acudeen introduces the ACU  token. The token will be the only means to pay for services received on Acudeen’s movable  asset marketplace.

Цена0.01 USD Продажа5,500,000,000 Способ оплатыUSD, ETH, XLM
Минимальная инвестицияN/A Распределение55% Собрано$35,000,000
Софт-кап10,000,000 USD Хард-кап35,000,000 USD
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