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Домой ICO POVR (PPOVR). Подробное описание и финансовая информация

ICO POVR (PPOVR). Подробное описание и финансовая информация

Основные сведения об ICO

Название ICOPOVR
Дата началаДекабрь 22, 2018
Дата завершенияTBA
Время окончания

Our objective lies in creation of interactive, public and absolutely anonymous cryptocurrency network, as well asa number of technical devices specially developed for adult entertainments. Moreover, we develop one-of-a-kind IT technologies that allowanyone willing to join theactively evolving VR-market with integration in POV and sexual content. And above all, we create adult toys with feedback (response).

You probably all know the phrase 'That's What She Said!'
But have you every played the #Adult #Game ?
Check out the crew @KiirooTV play it for the first time a few months ago.


#thatswhatshesaid #adultpartygame #partygame #gamereview #fun

If you like #VRPorn as much as we do, follow us on Instagram: https://t.co/PTZ8L52Jzd

Let's fap together!


Consulting company ICS Statis Group has published a report on projects for the initial placement of tokens. Quality ICOs received 70% of funding in 2017, although over 80% of fundraising campaigns were fraudulent

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Friends, we have started raising funds for the production of our gadget, our application will be able to manage it all to satisfy. Help us. Repost please.

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Цена1 PPOVR = 0.02 USDТокенов в продажеN/AМетод оплатыETH
Минимальная инвестицияN/AРаспределение30%СобраноN/A
Нижний предел сборовN/AВерхний предел сборов10,000,000 USD

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