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Название ICOMatic
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Дата завершенияTBA
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Matic Network strives to solve the scalability and usability issues, while not compromising on decentralization and leveraging the existing developer community and ecosystem. It is an ​off/side chain scaling solution for existing platforms to provide scalability and superior user experience to DApps/user functionalities. 

CEO & Co-Founder
CPO & Co-founder
Co-Founder & COO

DApp adoption will come.

Empower devs to build & deploy applications without having to worry about:

- Easy user onboarding
- Abstracting network complexities
- Low throughput
- High gas costs
- Support infra eg marketplaces

We tackle these at @maticnetwork

DM for details!

Get ready for the Game Oasis Hackathon!

Matic would be managing Bangalore chapter in partnership with @BinanceLabs, @CelerNetwork, @CocosBCX, @AnkrNetwork & @MarlinProtocol, with the aim of accelerating the global decentralized gaming movement.

👉 https://t.co/UHZjWWrprY

Learn about the technical highlights of the #StacksCity platform, including #Matic integration and testing. Details: https://t.co/yfRLF7BR13

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