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As art and technology enthusiasts, it is the values of the Renaissance that drive us: reason, exploration, science, innovation and disruption. Look Lateral’s mission continues the audacity of our Italian intellectual and artistic heritage: to enable global, open access to the art market for everyone. We want to help transform the current art market in order to increase its liquidity and increase global availability of art. We want to make the art market a more transparent and liquid marketplace with universal access to it, and resolve issues that have hampered it since its beginnings.

Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Lateral Edizioni Srl Chief Executive Officer
Chief Technology Officer

Mercato dell'arte: tutto quello che c’è da sapere su #Fimart — la prima borsa internazionale dell’arte, #tag e #tokenizzazione, prima dell’apertura ufficiale!

We’re still working on our fimart platform. Come join us and the other investors!


The first-ever auction of art made by artificial intelligence sold for more than 40 times estimates, so a second blockbuster would prove the appetite from collectors.

#artmarket #AI #auctions

'Velvet Buzzsaw' seeks to use satire to examine the danger of commodifying artists’ work –especially when that work comes from a deeply emotional or dark place – and to explore how, when #art and #market are out of balance, bad things can happen


Sotheby’s sees strong sales for works on paper by Rubens and Carracci while interest in masterworks by female artists slowly rises

#artmarket #sales


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