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Blockchain offers an unparalleled level of decentralisation and transparency, with a tradeoff in performance and inter-connectivity. In a foreseeable future, It is believed that blockchain solutions, especially smart contracts, will help people reach a trustless agreement at ease and in every single aspect of daily situations. However, the current approaches to achieve this either are built to make others obsolete or requires a significant change on the participating chains. KardiaChain follows an ?integration without assimilation? approach which focuses on simplicity and ease-to-use from both the end-user?s and developer?s standpoint. The KardiaChain team has developed a non-invasive solution, called Dual master node (or Dual node for short), to facilitate inter-chain operations among both existing and upcoming blockchain platforms. The ultimate goal of KardiaChain is to create a unified ecosystem where developers can easily create smart contracts that can run on multiple blockchains, i.e to optimise costs and avoid congestion and can communicate with smart contracts on other chains in a trustless and secure manner.


Bravo Vietnam's win in the last match between Vietnam <> Malaysia in World Cup's Qualifiers. Keep up the good work today with Indonesia as well!
There's also a little hint in the picture for those of you that can spot it 👌
[Vietnamese users can download ONSports app Android]

KardiaChain in a nutshell.
See more about how the interop matters and how KardiaChain is advanced?
✔ READ HERE: https://t.co/m30pUxRwEF
#Interoperability #Crosschain #Criteria #USP #Axis #decentralized #non_invasive


Another busy month passed by for us, we finished Q3 with a variety of business and technology development activities. We are stepping into Q4 with a wealth of pivotal milestones in the pipeline to establish ourselves on the global map.

👉🏻 CHECK OUT: https://t.co/JR2k2RkzYA

JOIN VIETNAM FRONTIER SUMMIT AND MEET THE LEADING EXPERTS OF THE INDUSTRY! KardiaChain is the partner of VFS. Our Chairman, Eric Hung Nguyen will join the panel discussion with Topic: Leveraging frontier tech to transform government: A case study in Vietnam.


Event recap: KardiaChain Chairman @eric_hungnguyen was honored to have been invited to Founders' Forum as a speaker, sharing his journey in building KardiaChain.
AppWorks Present: Founders' Forum with ABIVIN, INNAWAY and Kardia team @96thaodang, Long Nguyen and Son Nguyen.

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