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Домой ICO IndieOn (NDI). Подробное описание и финансовая информация

ICO IndieOn (NDI). Подробное описание и финансовая информация

Основные сведения об ICO

Название ICOindieOn
Дата началаАвгуст 28, 2018
Дата завершенияЯнварь 26, 2019
5 мес. тому назад

The music currency: helping artists market, manage and monetize their creative content and rewarding audiences for their participation on the platform.

NDI is the utility Token for use in the mobile and browser based indieOn App. Built on a consensus-based media platform, we incorporate a voting system which facilitates subscribed community members to vote on the music. This provides a level of quality control and leads engagement with the community.

Founder & CEO
Managing Partner

We’re excited to announce that in 10 days we are going live with our NDI TOKEN SALE! 1 billion NDI tokens will be available for purchase on 15 May 2019. Find out more and discover what discounts are available to you... https://t.co/D0Pn0X2tgo

Here’s an interesting piece on the relevance of blockchain technology within the entertainment industry, and what problems it may solve: https://t.co/65jZ6rlZQp

indieOn is not only a platform for musicians, but for content creators across many fields including film makers and podcasters. An entire ecosystem devoted to sharing and distributing media.

The NDI currency supports the entire ecosystem and community using the indieOn platform. All interactions are rewarded for both artists and audiences. https://t.co/D0Pn0X2tgo

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Цена0.0890 USDТокенов в продажеN/AМетод оплатыETH
Минимальная инвестицияN/AРаспределение63%СобраноN/A
Нижний предел сборов2,000 ETHВерхний предел сборов50,000 ETH