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Домой ICO Hub (HUB). Подробное описание и финансовая информация

ICO Hub (HUB). Подробное описание и финансовая информация

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Whether through messaging systems, online communities, social networks, or the advent of the sharing economy enabled by peer-to-peer marketplaces, Internet applications have provided unprecedented opportunity for billions of users to interact and engage in content, connection and commerce. While such applications have enabled users to come into contact with many more people virtually, a lack of virtual trust between strangers has hindered the realization of greater economic value for users on the Internet.

Founder, CEO
Head of Business Development

Eric Ly will be speaking at the 2019 CPC Crypto DevCon at The Stanford Faculty Club on August 31st. We have 5 VIP tickets & would like to share them with the Hub community. Comment why you want to attend to get VIP tickets. First-come, first-serve.

Project BigHeart, the credit scoring startup that is a part of the Hub ecosystem, has secured an exclusive technology reseller partnership with a certified cybersecurity technology vendor that will help strengthen BigHeart’s product offering to its target customer base.

Announcing a soon-to-launch Hub Ecosystem business. KarmaCheck is in the digital identity & “background check” industry ($6 bill. usd market) in the U.S.; Creating a disruptive offering that significantly speeds up the process and creates new efficiencies.

New app Features! The https://t.co/w32tQNTkAb app now has a new Notification tab which tells users about interesting changes. The feature tells the user about recent likes and comments, provides a breakdown of token rewards, & notifies users when they earn a new badge.

Great recap of how the Web evolved to tracking and surveillance and how Brave is resetting online advertising in this interview of @brendaneich by Eric Ly, co-founder of @LinkedIn and CEO of @hubtoken. https://t.co/JgW7QZox6r

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