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Название ICOGovBlocks
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GovBlocks is built as an open, permissionless decision protocol for decentralized governance powered by a curation network. It enables adaptability, self-sustainability and easy management of decentralized applications by allowing them to configure an enhanced and dynamic governance layer, capable of managing a large, varied and constantly growing range of factors of decision making in a decentralized network. The decision protocol aims to provide 1) a modular, configurable governance approach to suit the ever-changing needs of a community and 2) ability to deploy a curation network that provides decentralized crowdsourced intelligence at scale for efficiently managing resources of a community.

Founder, Project Lead
Co-founder, Technology Lead
Community Lead

Spoke at Convergence today. A very patient audience listening to us for over 1.5 hrs - knowing that #crypto is banned in #india, that’s a big deal!

Always so good to meet @adityadevsood - eager to know where you get that accent from! 😉


Super excited for this TEDx! My tryst with #blockchain and all that’s led to breaking the box at @GovBlocks and @somish_in! Thanks @TEDxMICA for inviting me! #TEDxMICA2019 https://t.co/6zEHVLp1Wb

#buidl, traction, revenue & more #buidl. That’s how awesome 2018 has been & we couldn’t have been more thankful. From announcing @GovBlocks in 2017 to launching 3 versions in 2018, it’s been a roller coaster ride. Here's the year in review! Read along 🥳 https://t.co/TM9QOIIGP9

Super excited to see @GovBlocks being covered by Gartner at their annual symposium! Our last PoC for an enterprise took 2 weeks to deliver using @GovBlocks. Give us a shout if you’d like to know more! #blockchain #buidl https://t.co/hhw3fHHN9X

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