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Домой ICO Further Network (PreICO) (ATON). Подробное описание и финансовая информация

ICO Further Network (PreICO) (ATON). Подробное описание и финансовая информация

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Название ICOFurther Network (PreICO)
Дата началаИюль 29, 2018
Дата завершенияСентябрь 09, 2018
ПлатформаHyperledger Fabric
2 мес. тому назад

Further Network has started a Blockchain project which will provide a real-time solution for Settlement and Payment problems in Travel Industry. Further introduces new functionalities like Customizable & Transferable Airline Ticket, Hotel Reservations and also second hand market for all type of tickets.

Visit @FurtherNetwork at #AviationDXB on the 13th-14th of November. Register and take a look at our other sponsors at https://t.co/64X7nbWyi2.

We are very proud to have won the Blockchain Innovation of the Year 2018 at Transport and Logistics Middle East Excellence Awards! Many thanks to Dubai Civil Aviation Authority and @DubaiAirports. We continue to grow with our supporters, followers and investors. #FurtherNetwork


Tomorrow we will be at the Aviation Show MEASA. You can catch up our Co-Founder & CEO @Kadirozguroguz to meet and discuss about the future of #Blockchain technologies in the aviation industry. #FurtherNetwork @airlinesblog #AviationDXB

How will Aton's token price increase in the future? #FurtherNetwork

What is Further Network's plan to expand its user network? #FurtherNetwork

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Цена0.02 USDТокенов в продаже4,200,000,000Метод оплатыBTC, ETH, BCH, DASH, LTC
Минимальная инвестицияN/AРаспределение60%СобраноN/A
Нижний предел сборов1,000,000 USDВерхний предел сборов12,500,000 USD

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