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Домой ICO Echarge.work (ECHG). Подробное описание и финансовая информация

ICO Echarge.work (ECHG). Подробное описание и финансовая информация

Основные сведения об ICO

Название ICOecharge.work
Дата началаАпрель 15, 2018
Дата завершенияНоябрь 30, 2018
через 1 нед.
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echarge.work is the e-mobility platform for tomorrow's e-drivers. Smart, sustainable and made for the future. We provide charging stations to hotels so they can provide charges to e- drivers. These charging stations can be located, booked and paid for via the echarge.work mobile application. The app also provides tailor-made offers such as hotel bookings to e- drivers. Our goal is the EU-wide coverage of echarge.work charging stations and the growth of Europe’s largest community for e-mobility.

Digital Marketing Manager
Sales Director
Customer Support

in case you don't have echg yet, lets buy on https://t.co/lDo479yb08

checkout our research about eMobility and EV cars in more than 35 Countries https://t.co/A2dzv4XWDO and follow us for more updates in more countries.

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Цена0.1400 USDТокенов в продаже1,000,000,000Метод оплатыETH, BTC, Fiat
Минимальная инвестиция100 ECHРаспределение50%СобраноN/A
Нижний предел сборовN/AВерхний предел сборов100,000,000 EUR

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