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Домой ICO Demeter (DME). Подробное описание и финансовая информация

ICO Demeter (DME). Подробное описание и финансовая информация

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Название ICODemeter
Дата началаTBA
Дата завершенияTBA
Время ICO

Demeter.life is the name of the Ancient Greek god of agriculture, the symbol of life and the cycle of nature. This old spirit and the strong commitment to make life better for everyone is what encouraged us to start the Demeter.life project.

CEO & Co-founder
Blockchain Developer
Business Development Italy

The most important Italian economic newspaper @sole24ore is talking about @premiomarzotto the new award that we have recived,and the collaboration with @TIM_Official a multinational company leader in the field of telecommunication in Italy and Europe

It was an honor to be selected by @TIM_Official on over 600 applications to receive the @premiomarzotto 2018.Thanks to @Microsoft for the hospitality and the beautiful night.@Demeter_life will change #agriculture and we are proud that our work is appreciated by these companies.

🇬🇧 You can visit the vision of Emiliano Ponzi of @Demeter_life project, powered by @Pirelli , now in 3D! Thanks to @Google #tiltbrush Emiliano built a world where #agriculture and #blockchian are fuse together in immersive experience

emiliano ponzi@emilianoponzi

DEMETER LIFE: the forth 360°music video "Data Meets Passion" my project for @Pirelli designed in #VR with @Google @tiltbrush
Cardboard is the best way to watch them, mobile is great too after setting the HD quality. 360 experience at the link below:

A #blockchain company selected on the @Pirelli 2017 Annual Report now is reality thanks to @Demeter_life. We work hard with passion and we get great results.
#Pirelli #demeterlife #organicfood #bitcoin #ethereum #crypto #cryptocurrency #blockchaintechnology #CryptoNews


The goal of the three founders of @Demeter_life? Supporting sustainable agriculture by establishing a direct relationship between consumers and farmers all over the world.
Deepen their story: https://t.co/likV7eOClf
#Pirelli #DataMeetsPassion
✒ @emilianoponzi

You can easly find @Demeter_life @Pirelli 's instagram page!!!! We have been choosed to appear in Pirelli 2017 annual report like one of the five stories that links tradition and digitalization!! Follow us on Instagram : https://t.co/fKKT2xdYcM
#demeterlife #pirelli #bitcoin

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