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Домой ICO Cointrade (CTT). Подробное описание и финансовая информация

ICO Cointrade (CTT). Подробное описание и финансовая информация

Основные сведения об ICO

Название ICOCointrade
Дата началаTBA
Дата завершенияTBA
Время ICO

Our mission is to make the cryptocurrency community grow and ensure more and more users take up this technology. We want to achieve this by making accessing and trading cryptocurrencies as straightforward, common and secure as buying an item from Amazon.

CEO & Founder
Head of the Finance Department

Our professional track record is impeccable and it has allowed us to build contacts with professionals from leading technology companies and powerful banks. 🔍 #cointrade

We are so excited to announce the Pre-ICO sale ⬆️
Cointrade offers a global platform with easy and secure access to cryptocurrency trading.
Visit our website https://t.co/ylcTfRCKNb 💻 and make the cryptocurrency community grow!

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Цена1 CTT = 0.24 USDТокенов в продаже187,500,000Метод оплатыETH
Минимальная инвестицияN/AРаспределениеN/AСобраноN/A
Нижний предел сборов5 000 000 USDВерхний предел сборов25 000 000 CTT

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