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Домой ICO BlockMedx (MDX). Подробное описание и финансовая информация

ICO BlockMedx (MDX). Подробное описание и финансовая информация

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Название ICOBlockMedx
Дата началаСентябрь 03, 2018
Дата завершенияСентябрь 17, 2018
2 мес. тому назад
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BlockMedx is the world’s first completely secure, HIPAA-compliant, end-to-end solution for transmitting DEA Controlled Drug prescriptions such as prescription opioid pain relievers and others, from physicians to pharmacies using the Ethereum blockchain. We are offering an EPCS compliant software platform integrated with a drug monitoring program using advanced analytics to detect fraud and abuse and predict patient addiction risk. The application also allows for low-cost medical e-consults anywhere in the world.

Founder & CEO
Founder & Chief Medical Officer
Head of Global Business

We are excited to announce a partnership with a Taiwanese pharmaceutical distributor, Pin Siang Medical Biotechnology Company, to pursue a joint venture to drive the adoption of next generation e-prescribing and smart delivery of drugs in Taiwan. https://t.co/j0nWbvHMRj

What is BlockMedx? https://t.co/K7TZIsP78K via @YouTube @JoshuaBaer @ATCouncil @atxblockcollect @CapitalFactory

Curious as to what BlockMedx is? Check out our latest video! https://t.co/q16ZWE7xoh

Proud of the @JohnsHopkins representation here at @MDTechCouncil #BT18CONF - next up, @Protenus’s Nick Culbertson speaking on #vcinvesting, then @ProfJimLiew and I make an appearance on a #blockchain panel later this afternoon.

Serious public health problems call for pushing creative boundaries w. emerging tech. Check out our interview with @DrAntoniou from @blockmedx
#blockchain #healthcare #MachineLearning @JohnsHopkinsSPH
Itunes: https://t.co/lnJgOw4L8F
Highlights: https://t.co/iv5WrPt5L8

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