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Основные сведения об ICO

Название ICOAlive Casino
Дата началаАвгуст 07, 2018
Дата завершенияМарт 27, 2019
СтранаCosta Rica
6 месяца тому назад

The Alive Casino is named as such because, as both a company and an organization, everything is about “keeping things alive.” First and foremost, the casino is, of course, a business, but it is also a living, breathing community. The Alive team endeavors to, as its mission, create a living, thriving, and secure gaming alternative for gambling enthusiasts.

CEO & Founder
Co-Founder & Blockchain Programmer
CTO & Blockchain Programmer

After months of developing, we are proud to say that #Alive #casino, the first online casino platform to combine #VirtualReality with #blockchain technology♣️ is now fully functional.

Visit: https://t.co/y1TSV1TKou and enjoy a 100% #bonus on your first deposit.

#sports #games

All studio development of the #AliveCasino will be documented and posted on #YouTube, available to both users and investors. This way, project hype can be built and everyone involved can stay up to date on the project status. This information will be relayed by e-celeb #EricDunn

Alive will start designing the different #casino tables. The tables will feature a variety of colored layouts, with customized and personalized designs that carry the #AliveCasino logo ♠️♥️♦️♣️

At this stage, #AliveCasino will look for the best place to construct its studio establishment. 👷‍♂️ The #liveStudio will be divided up into sections, meaning that all dealers will have their own space to run their #games

A #DataAnalysis will be used as a reference to estimate the demand of each of the available live games. This is crucial to estimate the number of dealers to hire and how many square meters the #LiveStudio establishment should be 📊

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Цена1 AL = 0.09 USD Токенов в продаже250,000,000 Метод оплатыETH
Минимальная инвестицияN/A РаспределениеN/A СобраноN/A
Нижний предел сборов10,000,000 USD Верхний предел сборов30,000,000 USD
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