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Основные сведения об ICO

Название ICOAkaiito
Дата начала13 марта, 2018
Дата окончания16 мая, 2018
2 года тому назад

Akaiito - use of cryptocurrency in Your everyday life!


Latest news from Akaiito Team: https://medium.com/@akaiitotallinn/latest-news-from-akaiito-team-309d8703e055
Tokens burning and IDEX Exchange listing. Stay tuned!

Crowdsale is finished! Outcome and next steps…
We are happy to announce, that #Akaiito Crowdsale has finished. We have reached Soft Cap. Generated in total: 1 256 701 AIC....
Read the full article on: https://akaiito.io/blog/we-are-happy-to-announce-that-akaiito-ico-has-finished/

Almost reached Soft Cap!
We are happy to say, that we almost reached Soft Cap: 98% is sold out. Only 30 000 AIC tokens left for Sale with 26% bonus.
2% more and we will go through this milestone!


Dear community. Left a little time before the end of ICO.
278 076 AIC for distribution before the soft cap will be reached. Quick reminder that now still you can get FREE tokens! If You contribute for 0.5 ETH and more You will get extra 100 AIC on top of 26% bonus! #ICO #ether

#Announcement : Crowd Sale period extension!
#Akaiito would like to announce an extension of Crowd Sale. Initial date for Crowd Sale end was 18.04., #new date for #Akaiito Crowdsale end is 16.05.2018.
Read full article: https://medium.com/@akaiitotallinn/announcement-crowd-sale-period-extension-ca573293dd85

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Цена0.68 USD Продажа22,500,000 Режим оплатыETH, BTC, LTC
Минимальная инвестиция5AIC or 0,005ETH распределение75% поднятый$900,000
Мягкая крышка1 250 ETH Hard Cap25 000 ETH
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