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Домой Биржа Zebpay, Объемы торгов, курсы криптовалют и рыночная информация.

Биржа Zebpay, Объемы торгов, курсы криптовалют и рыночная информация.

Название биржиZebpay
Объем (24Ч)$28,877.17
5.32 BTC
Поддерживает Монет1
Торговые Пары1
Alexa Rank221049
MAX визитов изIndia
Объем торгов биржи Zebpay за 24 часа составляет $28,877.17 (5.32 BTC) На бирже торгуется 1 криптовалют и 1 валютных пар. По данным анализа вебтрафика Alexa сайт биржи находится на 221049 месте в глобальном рейтинге. Вебсайт биржи Zebpay наиболее популярен в India и имеет рейтинг Alexa в 20424 пунктов.

Торговые пары и курсы криптовалют на бирже Zebpay

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Описание биржи Zebpay

Zebpay have been involved in bitcoins since 2011 and started India's first bitcoin exchange in 2015. In 2018, it launched Zebpay 2.0, where users are able to trade in multi coins. Their mission is to work hard to make this revolutionary technology simple so that Indians can be proud owners and users of crypto currencies.

Официальная Twitter лента биржи

Super-fast, stress-free trading with robust APIs on Zebpay. Give shape to your ideas today at https://t.co/KX7tixRisy

How is #Bitcoin valuable if it's not backed by anything? What gives "digital currency" its value if it's not issued by a government? Zebpay CEO @AjeetK shares his views on ascribing value to Bitcoin. https://t.co/STHRObQkug

Stay alert about fake text messages, emails or social media accounts that claim to be @Zebpay and carry similar branding. Help us take action and keep the crypto-world safe by raising a ticket: https://t.co/J6kTueWLyZ. Visit our website to know more: https://t.co/Es11Cwt0hY

The relative cost of #Bitcoin mining is far lower than the cost of operating and securing the existing financial system. @danheld outlines some interesting stats: https://t.co/cU5RkuAZ8G. Do you think #cryptocurrency should be celebrated for #EarthDay? Let us know ⬇

Satoshi Nakamoto added the text "The Times 03/Jan/2009 Chancellor on brink of second bailout for banks" in the genesis block data. Satoshi envisioned crypto as a new paradigm in finance. 💵 #KnowYourCrypto #Easter

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