Криптовалютная биржа Sushiswap. Информация, Валютные пары, Объем торгов.

Обменное имяSushiswap
Объем (24 часа) $630,984,621.66
19,353.58 BTC
Год основания2020
Интернет сайт https://app.sushi.com/swap
Объем торгов на криптобирже Sushiswap за 24 часа составил $630,984,621.66 (19,353.58 BTC). На бирже торгуются [supported-currencies] криптовалют и [trading-pairs] торговых пар. Согласно рейтингу Alexa вебсайт биржи занимает [global-rank] место в мировом рейтинге. Вебсайт биржи наиболее популярен в [popular-country]. Рейтинг Alexa составляет [popular-country-rank].

# валюта пара Цена Объем (24 часа) обновленный

What is the BEST place to find out about upcoming official $SUSHI merch & NFTs?

Our brand NEW Instagram 📸account, of course!

Follow us by clicking here👇

(Reposting all story tags involving sushi eating PS - Rep the squad! 🍣🤍)

Come get biblical with @NFBible during the @SushiSwap AMA in the Discord Server! Join us June 23, 15:00 UTC / 5PM CET and about the Non Fungible Bible on the blockchain. MISO Auction live now as well! https://nfbible.com/ $PAGE $SUSHI #Bible

As part of our International $SUSHI Day celebration, we announced that special members of our Discord would win some free, yummy $SUSHI for helping answer qs in the #general and #support channels.

Discord Event Winners:

Ohmies rejoice!

@OlympusDAO received the most likes on our International $SUSHI Day Twitter event.


Look out for higher $SUSHI rewards (boost in APY) on the OHM-DAI Onsen pair next week:

1/ $SUSHI on $MATIC multiplied revenue 136.33% week over week. Even more impressive, users surged from 7k daily active users to 11.5k.

Today we continue our analysis on $SUSHI, expanding our dataset to include user and tx data, in addition to adv. revenue metrics such as LP ROI.

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