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Домой Биржа Stellarport, Объемы торгов, курсы криптовалют и рыночная информация.

Биржа Stellarport, Объемы торгов, курсы криптовалют и рыночная информация.

Название биржиStellarport
Объем (24Ч)$55,072.83
5.14 BTC
Поддерживает Монет13
Торговые Пары15
Alexa Rank256668
MAX визитов изUnited States
Объем торгов биржи Stellarport за 24 часа составляет $55,072.83 (5.14 BTC) На бирже торгуется 13 криптовалют и 15 валютных пар. По данным анализа вебтрафика Alexa сайт биржи находится на 256668 месте в глобальном рейтинге. Вебсайт биржи Stellarport наиболее популярен в United States и имеет рейтинг Alexa в 173475 пунктов.

Торговые пары и курсы криптовалют на бирже Stellarport

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Описание биржи Stellarport

Stellarport offers a fully functional wallet where you can receive and send payments in a variety of assets (including XLM). It has got a built in decentralized trading client through which you can buy and sell a variety of assets on the stellar decentralized exchange. Here you can trade BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC, XLM, MOBI, SLT, KIN and much more.

Официальная Twitter лента биржи

We know you love #Stellar events and want to see more. We've had a big one in the works for a while and are excited to finally announce our #StellarMeridian Conference in November!

Check out the blog: https://t.co/oLFy1BokWH

And the Meridian website: https://t.co/lRAGVzWOTl

Enough validators have armed an upgrade to Stellar Protocol 11 on Monday at 16:00 UTC that it is locked in now! If you run a node or use an SDK, make sure you've upgraded before that happens.

More here:

Description of v11:

On Monday, June 10th at 16:00 UTC, validators will vote to upgrade the Stellar Network to Protocol 11!

We wrote a walk-through of the upcoming protocol improvements and what they mean for developers, users, and businesses building on #Stellar:


Today we are introducing some changes on @stellarportio to help combat scams on the @StellarOrg #SDEX. We need our user community's help!

Read more:

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