Пятница, Декабрь 14, 2018
Домой Биржа Idex, Объемы торгов, курсы криптовалют и рыночная информация.

Биржа Idex, Объемы торгов, курсы криптовалют и рыночная информация.

Название биржиIDEX
Объем (24Ч)$510,478.27
155.17 BTC
Поддерживает Монет226
Торговые Пары227
Alexa Rank45268
MAX визитов изUnited States
Объем торгов биржи Idex за 24 часа составляет $510,478.27 (155.17 BTC) На бирже торгуется 226 криптовалют и 227 валютных пар. По данным анализа вебтрафика Alexa сайт биржи находится на 45268 месте в глобальном рейтинге. Вебсайт биржи Idex наиболее популярен в United States и имеет рейтинг Alexa в 36516 пунктов.

Торговые пары и курсы криптовалют на бирже Idex

#ВалютаПараЦенаОбъем (24ч)Обновлено

Описание биржи Idex

IDEX is the first Ethereum based decentralized smart contract exchange to support and perform real-time trading and high transaction throughout. The IDEX smart contract is designed such a manner that the exchange has the only authorization to submit signed trades to Ethereum. Due to this particular step, IDEX can control the order in which transactions are processed, separating the act of trading from final settlement. IDEX provides the speed and user experience of centralized exchanges combined with the security and auditability of decentralized exchanges.

Официальная Twitter лента биржи

$KRYP has been de-listed due to a team request as they have been squired by another company. Please see the following blog post for more details: https://t.co/w96jfwU8ao

$TDT by @mytridentgold has been listed on #IDEX https://t.co/hWyQiJMR1A
#Ethereum #crypto #cryptocurrency

Want to learn more about 2018 #crypto-related taxes? #IDEX has teamed up w/ leading crypto tax software solution @ZenLedgerIO to deliver some important #cryptocurrency accounting and #tax tips to make the most of your unique portfolio: https://t.co/XnNqVjFtna #Ethereum #Bitcoin

**Announcement** $TOMO will be de-listed on Dec 15th due to an upcoming token swap. Please cancel all orders before withdrawing tokens. Tokens will need to be withdrawn to receive the new token. Please see the following blog post for more details. https://t.co/1cFWdfw7Wq

$TDP by @TrueDeckProject has been listed on #IDEX https://t.co/jdNnGVQadg
#Ethereum #cryptotrading #CryptoNews

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