Криптовалютная биржа Coinlist. Информация, Валютные пары, Объем торгов.

Обменное имяCoinlist
Объем (24 часа) $3,933,163.90
90.42 BTC
СтранаUnited States
Год основания2020
Интернет сайт https://pro.coinlist.co/
Объем торгов на криптобирже Coinlist за 24 часа составил $3,933,163.90 (90.42 BTC). На бирже торгуются [supported-currencies] криптовалют и [trading-pairs] торговых пар. Согласно рейтингу Alexa вебсайт биржи занимает [global-rank] место в мировом рейтинге. Вебсайт биржи наиболее популярен в [popular-country]. Рейтинг Alexa составляет [popular-country-rank].

CoinList is where early adopters invest and trade in high quality crypto assets before they land on other exchanges, including Filecoin, Celo, Solana, Nervos, Dfinity, Algorand, and many more. CoinList Trade is a fully-featured crypto spot exchange, built on battle-tested infrastructure and backed by some of the biggest names in the space. It will support the best new cryptoassets early in their lifecycles, as well as, most large cap established crypto.

# валюта пара Цена Объем (24 часа) обновленный

🖥️ Introducing the CoinList OTC Desk 🖥️

White glove trading services with fast and simple transactions and settlement.

*⃣ Minimum order size: $100,000 USD
*⃣ Eligibility subject to AML/KYC and other requirements
*⃣ Flat fee per trade

Learn more 👇 https://blog.coinlist.co/introducing-the-coinlist-otc-desk-simplified-trading-for-institutions/

🚀 Starting today, CoinList users can trade $DOGE, $MATIC, and $SUSHI on CoinList Pro, CoinList buy/sell, and the CoinList mobile app.

Welcome to the CoinList family @dogecoin @0xPolygon @SushiSwap ❤️


🪙 According to @CoinMarketCap, there are over 6,000 crypto tokens in existence today. Why are there so many?

While many have predicted the death of new token issuance, they couldn’t be more wrong.

There will be more tokens, not less. Here's why:


⚡️ Starting today, CoinList users can trade $OGN, $LINK, $MKR, and $UNI on CoinList Pro, in addition to http://CoinList.co and the CoinList mobile app.

Welcome to the CoinList Pro family @OriginProtocol @chainlink @MakerDAO @Uniswap ❤️


🚀 $OGN Tokens are now available for trading on @CoinList with $USD & $USDT trading pairs!

We worked with CoinList during our fundraising efforts and are proud to now be listed on their exchange along with other leading crypto projects.

Learn more 👇

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