Среда, Июнь 26, 2019
Домой Биржа Bitmex, Объемы торгов, курсы криптовалют и рыночная информация.

Биржа Bitmex, Объемы торгов, курсы криптовалют и рыночная информация.

Название биржиBitMEX
Объем (24Ч)$8,458,564,768.00
682,142.32 BTC
Поддерживает Монет1
Торговые Пары1
Alexa Rank12424
MAX визитов изJapan
Объем торгов биржи Bitmex за 24 часа составляет $8,458,564,768.00 (682,142.32 BTC) На бирже торгуется 1 криптовалют и 1 валютных пар. По данным анализа вебтрафика Alexa сайт биржи находится на 12424 месте в глобальном рейтинге. Вебсайт биржи Bitmex наиболее популярен в Japan и имеет рейтинг Alexa в 2954 пунктов.

Торговые пары и курсы криптовалют на бирже Bitmex

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Описание биржи Bitmex

BitMEX is a Peer-to-Peer Trading Platform that offers leveraged contracts that are bought and sold in Bitcoin. BitMEX only handles Bitcoin. All profit and loss is in Bitcoin, even if you're buying and selling altcoin contracts. BitMEX does not handle fiat currency. BitMEX allows trading with a high amount of leverage.

Официальная Twitter лента биржи

Between 09:25:54 UTC and 09:44:30 UTC 24 June 2019, we encountered orderbook feed issues for ETHUSD. We have since identified and resolved the issues. For more information please refer to our blog: https://t.co/Uat1Ar9aG8

Security has always been the number one priority at BitMEX. We would like to remind all users to please protect your BitMEX and personal accounts by using strong and unique passwords, enabling 2FA, and using a password manager. For more detail: https://t.co/8yKMreamNp

The scheduled system update has successfully concluded. The BitMEX platform is now back to full functionality. The update was performed from 01:00 UTC to 02:58 UTC today, 04 June 2019. No trading activity was affected.

Please be advised that we will be performing a scheduled system update to our database service starting at 01:00 UTC 04 June 2019 and is expected to last 3 - 5 hours. Trading, logins, and other key API features will remain operational. For more detail: https://t.co/D3C7xHf30o

Between 16:00 and 17:00 UTC 30 May 2019 the websocket API experienced periods of substantial lag due to high traffic from the trading engine during large market moves. Our devs are accelerating efforts, updates to follow. Read our blog for more details: https://t.co/si6dYni7RZ

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