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Домой Криптовалюта Spectrecoin (XSPEC). Текущий курс, капитализация, биржи.

Криптовалюта Spectrecoin (XSPEC). Текущий курс, капитализация, биржи.

Рыночная капитализация Spectrecoin (XSPEC)

  • spectrecoin
    Spectrecoin (XSPEC)
  • Живая цена
  • 24ч %
  • Рын. Капитализация
    $2.86 M
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    22.14 M XSPEC
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Текущий курс Spectrecoin (XSPEC)

Текущий курс Spectrecoin (XSPEC) составляет $0.1294. Рыночная капитализация составляет $2.86 M. Цена криптовалюты изменилась на 3.20% вырос на за последние 24 часа.

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График изменения курса Spectrecoin (XSPEC)

Загрузка диаграммы ...
The premier privacy-focused cryptocurrency, featuring an energy-efficient proof-of-stake algorithm providing fast transaction confirmations, and a fully integrated Tor+OBFS4 layer for network privacy.

Курс криптовалюты Spectrecoin (XSPEC) на биржах

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История курса Spectrecoin (XSPEC)

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Официальная Twitter лента

Did you know that thanks to our community members, you can also stake your #Spectrecoin using #RaspberryPi, as an energy friendly alternative? Just another benefit of #PoS #cryptocurrency. Download the wallet and join our Discord for tutorial and help! https://t.co/sniFTnjek2

With @Cryptopia_NZ down, we'd like to remind you that you can get your hands on #Spectrecoin using @livecoin_net @CoinPulseEx or @bisq_network. We strongly recommend you keep $xspec #cryptocurrency off the exchange, so download our elegant wallet, stake and enjoy the rewards.

If you are not already aware, it seems Cryptopia was hacked yesterday on 14/01/2018 and they are reporting losses and have referred the matter to the police.

Cryptopia Exchange@Cryptopia_NZ

Update: We are still experiencing unscheduled maintenance. Our team is working hard to resolve this and we will provide an update soon.

#Spectrecoin celebrated its 1,000,000 block last weekend on the journey toward #cryptocurrency #privacy, here's a little graphic done by one of our community members. We've also passed 100,000 blocks on the testnet....you know what's brewing there? Hint. #StealthStaking is coming

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