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The MonacoCoin project aims to integrate cryptocurrencies in a real environment. The Principality of Monaco is a perfect ground for the integration of currencies in small-scale businesses.

Курс криптовалюты Monacocoin (XMCC) на биржах

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Hello Monoeci community 🇮🇩
We have just launched our new testnet ! Just join our Discord : https://t.co/dDPga34QlX or Telegram : https://t.co/WV7CO9MrVL for more details
#monoeci #XMCC

Tomorrows crypto events (29 Nov):

@StellarOrg (#XLM) — Meetup in New York
@LiskHQ (#LSK) — Meetup in San Jose
@creditscom (#CS) — Monaco International Blockchain Forum
@monoeci_monaco (#XMCC) — Monaco International Blockchain Forum

#Stellar #Lisk #Credits #Monoeci

🇲🇨📡Get ready for the tomorrow presentation of the brand new protocol and Monoeci improvements @mib_monaco at @Grimaldi_Forum with the whole team ! #monoeci #xmcc $XMCC #Monaco

🇲🇨📡D-2 Before the opening of the 2nd edition of @mib_monaco MONACO INTERNATIONAL BLOCKCHAIN @Grimaldi_Forum , See our amazing speakers and scedule on video below . Resgistration on https://t.co/hLpB3rMjDJ
#monoeci #monaco #xmcc

We are delighted to finally release our new website : https://t.co/uccnmoqxaJ
Thanks to our community for your support and your patience. We hope that you will enjoy this new site. Feel free to share your feedback with us on telegram or discord !

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