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Домой Криптовалюта WandX (WAND). Текущий курс, капитализация, биржи.

Криптовалюта WandX (WAND). Текущий курс, капитализация, биржи.

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Текущий курс Wandx (WAND)

Текущий курс WandX (WAND) составляет $0.0283. Рыночная капитализация составляет $452,583. Цена криптовалюты изменилась на -6.78% упал на за последние 24 часа.

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WandX is a decentralized application built on the Ethereum blockchain. WandX allows users to create and trade in financial products on crypto-assets.

Курс криптовалюты Wandx (WAND) на биржах

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История курса Wandx (WAND)

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Официальная Twitter лента

Major announcement: WandX DEX on @NEO_Blockchain @wanchain_org and @Aion_Network will go live on the mainnet on March 19, 2019. We are also releasing two new native coins for the DEXs on Wanchain and AION.


Incredible! ETFs, in general, are great drivers of crypto adoption. We've been building our 'basket protocol' to the same merit, that which enables investors - institutional especially - to curate crypto ETFs in a smart way.

Ari Paul@AriDavidPaul

I really like this idea. Getting investors to view BTC as a currency they’d want in a basket to diversify fiat exposure is a killer meme for next wave of adoption. https://t.co/ROXrNHnJOZ

https://t.co/2imJt2dEEp | @WandXDapp decentralized exchange now supports @AION_Network #blockchain $AION #cryptocurrency

*Major* Development News: #WandX DEX now supports @Aion_Network. WandX is now one of the first Dapps to integrate #AION with their new AVM along with ledger integration that supports the AVM.


In spite of the crypto winter that we find ourselves in, our faith in the ecosystem remains unaffected, as we continue to work productively to follow through on our commitments towards readying a solid multi blockchain DEX with mainstream appeal. #WandX


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