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A machine-to-machine token, powers the Blocksafe Smartgun tech network economy.

Курс криптовалюты Triggers (TRIG) на биржах

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As many of you know, much has changed during 2018 and this ‘Crypto Winter' and with that, regulatory uncertainty has forced Blocksafe™ to review all roadmaps and token plans going forward.

Watch Blocksafe’s CEO Duane Jacobsen present on the progress of Blocksafe, StreamIoT, and Guniary. We are excited to showcase this development!


Interested in becoming a partner, email us at Contact@Blocksafe.co
#Blocksafe #Blockchain #CoinAgenda #Guniary

It's the third and final day of #CoinAgenda Caribbean. Today's startup competition features presentations by Tapjets, 0chain, Blocksafe, Airthereum, Glyph, and VODSX; plus speakers Fred Kleisner of Athora Holding, @HarryDentjr, and Robert Ross of https://t.co/J5MKXMHtOg.

CEO Duane Jacobsen will showcase @Blocksafe’s coming Stream IoT platform tomorrow, as well as our partner product #Guniary.

Tune in at @CoinAgenda.com to see his presentation live.
Blocksafe: Sunday Mar 3,2019, 12:30pm-12:45pm (GMT-4)

#Blocksafe #Blockchain #Guniary #CoinAgenda

Blocksafe™ is attending @CoinAgenda in Puerto Rico this weekend to debut #Guniary, which will run on the Blocksafe™ Libertas blockchain.


#Blocksafe #Blockchain #CoinAgenda #Guniary

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