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Домой Криптовалюта StarCredits (STRC). Текущий курс, капитализация, биржи.

Криптовалюта StarCredits (STRC). Текущий курс, капитализация, биржи.

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Текущий курс StarCredits (STRC) составляет $0.00216. Рыночная капитализация составляет $9,711. Цена криптовалюты изменилась на 0.00% вырос на за последние 24 часа.

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StarCredits is the crypto-based token for Back to Earth. StarCredits will be used to sway real-time story outcomes, earn in-game content, unlock special features, discover hidden puzzles and purchase specific storylines.

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The graphic novels are ready! You can receive ALL 3 issues with free, world-wide shipping for 500 $STRC or 3 $GTKT. Supplies are LIMITED. To order, please email support@backto.earth with subject line GRAPHIC NOVEL.

BTW: We’re getting the graphic novel prints early next week. Copies of all three issues! We will be shipping them worldwide in return for some STRC (or Golden Tickets). Limited supply, so still working out an appropriate amount of $STRC or $GTKT.

I wrote an opinion piece for @coindesk on the early blockchain gaming ecosystem. The space is ripe for experimentation with new, open business models that incentivize "layer two" experiences.


Get you some StarCredits because we’ll be doing some awesome giveaways in the new year!

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