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Рыночная капитализация Srcoin (SRCOIN)

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Текущий курс Srcoin (SRCOIN)

Текущий курс SRH (SRH) составляет $0.000210. Рыночная капитализация составляет $1.10 M. Цена криптовалюты изменилась на -0.35% упал на за последние 24 часа.

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График изменения курса Srcoin (SRCOIN)

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SRCOIN is a decentralized health information platform. Using blockchain technology, distributed and subscribed massage chairs are connected to decentralized network hubs that build health data platform, providing useful health information to patients, medical institutions, and research facilities.

Курс криптовалюты Srcoin (SRCOIN) на биржах

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История курса Srcoin (SRCOIN)

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Официальная Twitter лента

7. - In conclusion, SRCOIN becomes a staple coin in the crypto industry with practical values. It’s realistic to expect royalties from the SRCOIN patent to be in the millions of dollars and the demand for SRH tokens to rise unimaginably.

6. - SRCOIN patent also contains a technology that collects the vitals of users and uploads it to cloud servers secured with blockchain security. Using the collected sets of unique health data, SRCOIN becomes a vital player in the billion-dollar health data industry.

5. - Any company producing such therapeutic devices are subject by international law to pay royalties (percentage of the gross profit on each sale of a product) to SRCOIN.

4. - SRCOIN patent affects $900 million-dollar therapeutic device industry which includes treadmills, stair mills, rowing machine, luxury massage chairs, hand-held massagers, and etc.

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